Another Fake Marriage For Speidi.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt to end world hunger!

On the preview for next weeks season finale of The Hills, Spencer and Heidi head to an LA court house to make their Mexican wedding official.

They hold a second ceremony in front of Spencers sister, Stephanie, and an LA county judge. (And of course Hills crew.)

As fate would have it, Mr. and Mrs. Pratt have ran into another little bump in the road along the way.

The LA Superior Court was barraged with questions following the preview which showed the court nuptials, and they haven’t been so kind to the happy couple.  Officials are claiming that the ceremony took place after hours in the court house, and that the judge performing the ceremony is not one of their own.

They do admit to ministering civil marriages at the Beverly Hills court house, just not in this manor.

Why don’t these two just actually have a real wedding?  With real people, and a real minister.  No “Hills” episode, just a regular old wedding.

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