Scott Macintyre Eliminated from Idol, Female Judges Cry.


The judges on American Idol were this close to using their Judges save last night on American Idol when Ryan Seacrest revealed that the shows first blind contestant, Scott Macintyre, received the least ammount of votes last night.

Let’s face it, it was his week to go, in fact, there are a few others who went before him that potentially still deserve to be there, so he should consider himself lucky.

Scott is very talented, and has learned to totally forget about his handicapped and persue what he loves, but his last few performances have been near unbarable, and there was no doubt that unless Vote for the Worst, or the everpresent sympathy vote prevailed, this was his last week.

When it came time for the judges to vote on using their only save or not, it was split 2-2.  Simon never revealed who was saying stay and who was saying go, but it was obvious.  This morning, it was revealed that it was female judges Paula Abdul and Kara Dioguardi who wanted to keep Scott around for one more week.

After Cowell announced his tie breaker decision, Paula had the last word and told scott he’s an inspiration to the world, and a classy guy.

Clearly the female judges found a soft spot in their heart for his disability, and were feeling bad, when it’s certain Macintyre wanted nothing more to be treated like the rest of the contestants.  He was a frequent joker about his visual impairment.

It’s good they didn’t waste it this week, because it could be very important in the next two weeks!

Toughen up girls!

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