Eminem Ran Like Hell to Get Back into Shape.


Remember those rumors that Eminem was fat?  After the tragic loss of one of his close friends he pretty much sat inside his house and ate takeout from the Outback Steakhouse day after day and packed on the pounds.

Well with the emergence of his new singles and a music video which would suggest he’s got the same frame he’s always had, Eminem is releasing his diet secrets.

He says; “I’ve been running a lot, taking care of myself. A lot of cardio. I’m actually at the point where I think I’ve been a little obsessive compulsive about running on a treadmill. Yeah, it got up to four miles a day, then it got up to six, then I got up to 10, then I got up to 15, then I got up to 17, and I had to take a break.  I eat healthy. Chicken breasts, things like that.”

17 miles a day!  Yikes!

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