Manson Murders: 40 Years Later


Hard to beleive tomorrow will mark the 40th anniversary of that horrific night on Celio Drive.

It was August 9th 1969 when Sharon Tate and 4 others lost their life at the hands of Charles Manson’s family of henchmen, but the story, and maybe even the spirits of those who have passed still live on today.

Manson, 74, is still rotting in prison serving a life sentence as his parole keeps getting rejected.

So will the spirits come out to play on the anniversary of the Deaths?

That’s what producer David Oman intends to find out.  David lives down the road from the sight of the 1969 murders, and has seen it all since building his house in 2002.  From an earlier profile;

Producer David Oman built his home on Celio Drive in Beverly Hills back in 2002 with a knowledge of what went down at the “end of the drive” in the late 60’s, but he never imagined who might be paying a visit in the near future.  The house at the end of the drive was the scene of one of one of Hollywoods most famous and bloodiest murder sprees at the hands of Charles Manson and his followers that took the lives of Sharon Tate and four others.

Oman wrote and produced The House at the End of the Drive,  a thriller loosely based on the events of 8/9/69 and is gearing up for a release any time now.

He’s had numerous paranormal investigations at his home, and it’s even been called by some “the mount everest of haunted houses.”  Safe to say that David Oman will be ready to capture it all tonight when the clock strikes 12.

For more info on David’s movie check out

Starzlife will bring you up to date coverage on any strange happenings  caught on film at the Oman house tonight.  Stay tuned.

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