Britney Spears Update!

britney-spears-wallpaper.jpgAccording to the L.A. Times,”Authorities said the welfare hold was prompted by a telephone call they received from Spear’s psychiatrist. It was unclear exactly when they had received the call, but it was apparent that the operation had been carefully planned over a period of time. Unlike the first welfare hold — in which Spears’ ambulance was closely pursued by a throng of photographers — vehicles today were blocked from following the same route. The motorcade that whisked Spears to the hospital also showed a large investment in resources. The line of emergency vehicles stretched longer than a football field.”Adnan and Lynne followed the Ambulance in the same car.  She is surrounded by love, and there’s nothing stronger then the love of a mamma.  Thank God Lynne is here.  Thank God Adnan is here.Our hearts and prayers are with you little momma.  I am praying so hard that this is just what you need and that you are able to get help.adnan_ghalib_britney_walking.jpg

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