Katie the lunching lady!

013008_sl_holmes19.JPGI caught up with one of Hollywood’s most sought after personalities at Joans on Third having a Gay’ ol’ time with her girlfriend. Sadly, her allowed time to interact with humans expired and she had to return to Tommy’s dungeon in the Hollywood Hills. When one of her many bodyguards tried to pull her away she freaked out. She then remembered she belonged to Tommy Cruise and she had no choice but to leave. Hopefully one of these days Katie will run away from Tommy and reunite with her ex, Chris Klein. Who we all know is the real father of Suri!! Screw the cult Katie, like Mary J. Blige says, “runaway love!” She looked miserable. Poor Katie, when will she divorce the midge? We know, right before the 10th aniversary. Just like Nicole Kidman. She has 8 years to go. Damn contracts. 013008_sl_holmes05.JPG

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