Anna Nicole Smith R.I.P.


Can you believe an entire year has gone by since Anna Nicole Smith tragically died and created a media frenzy that even Britney Spears wouldn’t envy? A whole year.

Maybe it was the constant media attention, maybe it was my own characteristic morose curiosity (I know, I know, but I can’t help it!), but after Anna Died, I became obsessed with anything Anna Nicole Smith, and I think I was looking her up on the internet until probably yesterday or was it this morning? I have now decided to stop. The time has come.

One of my girlfriends insists Anna Nicole Smith fell victim to the “Monroe Curse.” Look it up. Anyone compared to Marilyn Monroe by the media is done for. It’s some sort of freakish voodoo the media do. So, it wasn’t all the drugs, the booze, the anorexia, the depression, her son Daniel’s death, post partum depression, the lack of sleep, the loneliness, the mocking, the scrutiny, the stripping, the probable STDs, or even Howard K. Stern – it was the voodoo media who killed her. OMG!!

Call me superstitious but I have since this decided not to make any celebs comparisons to Marilyn Monroe. No matter how fitting, y’all. Pinky promise!


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