Is she not the coolest?

My oh my what a wonderful day…


I absolutely love this chick!!  She is so disengaged from everything Hollywood that she actually looks normal.  I love it that she can enjoy a stroll down the street, just listening to her music, looking like she’s right where and how she wants to be…  paparazzi and all!!  She’s not even minding that fleshy, flappy bib she’s got hanging around her neck:


Oooh, I just remembered “Smelly Cat” from Friends!!  I just can’t help wondering if the song applies to her now in some way.  No, not because she’s looking like the creases on her neck might need a little extra hygiene!!  Because she is not in the spotlight anymore, d’uh!!  Every time I remember “Smelly Cat,” I have to laugh out loud.  Needless to say, my professor isn’t too happy with me right now.  Oh well, wrong place, wrong time for me to be doing this, but I just have to say it.  Fleshy parachute neck or not, Lisa Kudrow is just plain awesome!!

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