“She’s the love of my life…”

Carey Hart wants a shoulder to cry on.pink.jpg‘Cuz Breaking up is hard to do!Last night at the grand opening of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Carey Hart told People Magazine that, although they’re smack in the middle of divorce proceedings, singer wife Pink is “the love of his life. . .Above and beyond everything, we are the best of friends and she is the love of my life, we talk all the time. ”    Pink and Carey had met at the 2001 X Games, and after a brief 2003 split, the couple tied the knot in 2006.If Carey Hart had to talk publicly about his and Pink’s divorce proceedings, then I guess I’m glad he said good stuff.  But the dude also knows what’s good for him, I’m so sure.  I once saw a VH1 documentary on Pink, and the girl is one intense, emotional chick!  Not to mention she’s better built and scarier stronger than any man Hart. . .She’s awesome!  As for motorcrossing-softie, Carey Hart, however, I can’t help but wonder what will be Mr. Heart’s Hart’s next move. . .poetry readings?  “Playing” with a beloved puppy at the park in order to pick up chicks?  Getting lost at the mall?  I’ll bet you anything he’s the type of guy who’ll even use his own babies as chick magnets. . .Hopefully, he won’t have to go that far, since Hart can cry on my shoulder, any time of day  ‘ya hear that, Mr. Lonely?!

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