Thankfully, she has no heirs of her own…

Dannielynn Birkhead is the richest baby ever!


A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ruled today that Dannielynn Birkhead, the daughter of late Anna Nicole Smith, is the one and only heir to her mother’s estate.  A trust was set in the toddler’s name.  Larry Birkhead and Howard Stern (executor to Anna’s estate and common law husband) will be co-trustees of the infamous and controversial estate.  Both men have always insisted that Anna Nicole Smith never had intentions of disinheriting her daughter, although it may have seemed that way by the wording in her will.

According to Page Six:

Dad Larry and the executor of Anna Nicole’s estate, lawyer Howard K. Stern, will be co-trustees, after Beckloff granted a petition filed by Stern, who wanted to clarify the late actress/model’s intentions toward her daughter.  “We and Mr. Stern always believed that Anna Nicole never intended to disinherit her daughter,” said Stern’s lawyer, Bruce S. Ross, after the hearing.  “I’m pleased to say this chapter in the saga is closed.  When Anna Nicole drafted a will in 2001 — five years before Dannielynn was born — her only heir was son Daniel, though it did mention that any assets in Daniel’s trust should be shared equally if she had any children in the future.  Things became a bit murky when Daniel died at the age of 20, three days after Dannielynn was born in 2006 — followed shortly after by Anna Nicole herself, hence Stern’s filing…

Let’s hope this is a closed chapter, and let’s all pray that little Dannielynn develops a wise nature, so as not to be affected by all she will undoubtedly read about her mother in the future.

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