Cheese thief revealed!!

Wanna see if you aced our Guess Who test?!

Mama wolf is….030308_sl_klum18.JPGHeidi Klum!

Yep, little miss “classy-supermodel”, Heidi Klum, went grocery shopping earlier this week, surrounded by all her different children and assistants.  Heidi seemed ultra motherly and protective, as she helped herself and kids to multiple servings of cheese and oranges, while she continued on her rampage shopping at a high end supermarket of Beverly Hills!m.JPGIn Klum’s defense however, I must say the scene was total chaos! She probably couldn’t even help it,  Kids yelling, balloons popping, and a hungry-ass super model, surrounded by lots and lots of food!  I mean, give the girl a break!!030308_sl_klum06.JPGHigh Fashion, like you’ve never seen it before!

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