Fergie was a paranoid FREAK during her meth days!!

fergie030808.jpgGuess she never went to school with Mr. Mackey…t_204_mkaymackey.jpg

It seems Fergie has come a long, long way since her junkie meth days. According to her interview in the new issue of Marie Claire, this incredibly hot and ‘licious songstress was so paranoid during her drug induced manic episodes, she went down to 90 lbs and was even afraid of her neighbors and the FBI! Fergie claims she would hide in her home for days and be suspicious of everyone around her:

“I painted the windows in my apartment black so ‘they’ couldn’t see in. One day, when I was about 90 pounds, a guy comes up to me . . . I’m searching in the bushes for clues about whatever they’re after me for. I’m in a cowboy hat and red lips. He hands me a muffin. I’m thinking, he’s in on it.”

Hmm, something’s odd here… While in a drug-induced haze, Fergie thinks everyone wants her, weighs less than my kid brother, and is probably too scared to even use the toilet? …OMG!! Somebody call A&E!! … I think we might be needing an intervention, and pronto!!

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