Thankfully, there’s still some hope for The Gays…

Brangelina: Still living in sin!0000.jpgTabloids and Star magazine start retracting their comments about an intimate Brandelina Wedding!Remember our recent shock and disappointment regarding a possible Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie wedding, just a few days back?  Well, we’re happy to report that, fortunately, it was, in fact, a joke (sort of)!  It seems the tabloids are getting in early on their April Fools’ Day fun (as pranksters or victims? …You decide)!As you may have heard by know, the Brangelina wedding rumors were just that _ rumors and nothing more.  The tabloids who had originally printed the story of an “intimate New Orleans wedding” last week, have since begun retracting their statements.  US celebs publication Star released this statement as of this morning:

After further investigation, the sources are not standing by their story..

I’m not really surprised, but actually quite disappointed…  Way to be journalists,on top of your story, Star!  Kudos to you, great, trustworthy gossip rag!

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