Happy days? more like old days!

042208_sl_howard03.JPGActor/Director Ron Howard is looking super old these days. Howard who is only 54, and I say only because he looks like he’s 74, was out and about in Beverly Hills this past week. More pictures of grandpa after the cut. unbranded-ron-howard-autograph.jpgHere’s Richie Cunningham in his younger days. His…Happy days. Speaking of which, do you think perhaps Howard is jealous that he didn’t age as gracefully as “The Fonz”. Really tho, if you could just hit a juke box, and make your favorite song would play, snap your finger and have women on both arms, and say “ayyyyyyy” like Arthur Fonzerelli, you’d live to be 100 too. Thats what I call livin’ the Starzlife.042208_sl_howard04.JPG He’s probably waiting to meet Ralph Malph and Potsie for lunch. If you really think about it… what else in the world could he possibly be doing. Now that i’ve found a way to reference Happy days enough times for the rest of the year, or the next ten, I’ll leave you with one more pic of old man howard.042208_sl_howard05.JPGOh! and FYI… Ron Howard is indeed a grandfather. His daughter Bryce Dallas Howard, gave birth to a son, in February 2007. Maybe he just wants to look the part.

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