Andale Manito!! “Radio Perez” begins broadcasting today!!

And just in time for the 5 de mayo festivities!050408_sl_perez11.JPGJust when you thought the guy was a master multi-tasker, Mario Lavandeira Jr. (a/k/a Perez Hilton) surprises us with additional projects and energies! Along with his trusty, adorable sidekick, Benji Teddy, this blog queen is set to conquer the world of entertainment news and gossip (America’s favorite guilty pleasure, no less); one media source at a time!Radio Perez will air for three minutes, twice a day in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and other major cities, bringing the most important, up-to-date breaking entertainment-gossip news to all the boring busy-bodies with no time to go blog-stalking!Now, is that awesome or what?! Perez, Perez, Perez, all over the place!! Move over, Batalla de Puebla! Cinco de Mayo is now Perez Hilton day as well!2.JPGOooh! I wonder if he’ll wear his ‘jammies to the studio!031208_sl_perez04.JPG

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