Diaper Daddy


Nicole Richie enjoys the life of a stay at home mom, (when she isnt at DUI school) but it’s daddy Joel Madden who gets diaper duty when lil’ Harlow makes a mess.
In an interview with Extra that is set to air on Thursday night (5/8/2008) Nicole Richie tells them that;

    “Joel actually changes more diapers than I do,” the new mom says of boyfriend Joel Madden, in an interview with Extra airing Thursday. “It’s his time with her. He sings to her …. He laughs with her, plays with her. It’s amazing.”  

I don’t know about anyone else, but I wouldn’t want my time to laugh play and sing to my daughter to be when she had a diaper full of sh*t.

Joel may change the diapers, but it looks like Nicole wears the pants! 

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