Children’s Burn Foundation

kids1.jpgGiving New Hope! The Children’s Burn Foundation depends on the generous support of people just like you and I!  Every little bit helps. Please donate today! Children’s Burn Foundation was founded in 1985 to meet the urgent needs of young burn survivors. Due to the lack of financial resources and/or adequate insurance many children may be unable to benefit from state of the art medical treatment, and may be unable to receive post acute services, without Foundation support.Founders Dr. A. Richard Grossman, renowned plastic surgeon and burn specialist, and the late McLean Stevenson, concerned child advocate and actor, profoundly impacted firsthand observing the devastating consequences serious burn injuries had on a child, joined forces to help the healing.Since restructuring in late 1995, the Foundation has been lead by a 27 member Board of Trustees that is active and supportive of the Foundation and its mission. These board members give generously of both time and resources. In 1996, corporate and foundation fund raising began in order to provide a means of supporting the needs of the children served. Gifts to the Foundation for programmatic initiatives and endowment have totaled more than $4.75 million.Burn scars require multiple operations throughout the growth of a child in order to maintain function in limbs and muscles. Therefore, children who are burned will return to the hospital many times throughout their young lives. They will regularly miss long periods of schooling, and they will have to live with scarring and the social disdain of their peers. Therefore, these children need a spectrum of specialized post discharge services.Burn survivors may require special burn treatment garments. They will need physical and psychological therapies. They need to continue their education in a school that can adapt to their intermittent schedules, with classroom size that allows for understanding relationships with peers and teachers. Often, these children’s futures can be greatly improved through reconstructive surgeries that surpass even the highest quality burn treatments.Many of the survivors of burns resulting from abuse and neglect cannot afford post acute care services. Therefore, Children’s Burn Foundation has created the Children’s Full Recovery Fund to assist survivors in resuming their normal lives. Each child has a different set of needs and each child deserves that extra opportunity. Through Children’s Full Recovery Fund, these youngsters learn that there are people who care and who will help.Through carefully delineated protocols, members of Children’s Burn Foundation, aided by strong professional guidance, receive requests for services required beyond acute burn care and determine how best to utilize foundation resources to foster full treatment for children who are burned due to abuse, neglect, or accident.  From

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