EXCLUSIVE!!!! It’s UGLY on the set of UGLY BETTY!

becki-newton-and-michael-urie.jpgIf “Ugly is the new beautiful” things couldn’t be prettier on the set of UGLY BETTY!!!! Starzlife has exclusively learned that tension is sky high in the self-proclaimed “family” of UGLY BETTY and the entire cast (minus America Ferrera) are absolutely devastated regarding the cross country move!Producer Silvio Horto has always wanted for the show to be filmed in NYC . I guess with an Emmy and Disney’s stock up the execs have the power, so what does it matter that only four days before wrapping the season the producers of the show announced to their loyal staff that they would be making a move to New York City for economical reasons.After all, it’s only logically that a show that is “set” in New York, be filmed in The Big Apple. . .Right?!Nothing personal I guess, just a financial decision based on a tax break NYC is offering. At least that is what they are telling their people who have been with the show since it’s conception.Change is never easy, I guess and they are lucky to have a job, or are they? It’s all about the bottom line. Pay no attention to the supporting cast huddled in the corner between takes, tears streaming as they face this cold reality that they have no choice in the matter and they are indeed replaceable.Forget about the failing housing market that will make it virtually impossible for home-owners to sell their homes. Forget about the families who have children in schools, and spouses with careers who have just barely made it through a 100 day writer’s strike and are facing foreclosure notices.It’s purely a financial decision to uproot and go East.From 1993-2005 NYPD Blue was filmed on the FOX Lot in Century City. They had two stages, one exterior street and for the most part would film in downtown L.A.They did take the cast for two weeks a year to NYC to film exteriors and everyone was very happy with the arrangement and you couldn’t imagine a more authentic looking show.But what do I know? Think of their faces. . .you watch the show. . .you know them just as well as I do. These are people with children, friends and families. People with lives here in L.A. They don’t want to go! “We have to believe this is an executive decision . . .yes, she (America Ferrera) could say ‘No. I really don’t want to go,’ but it really isn’t her choice. . .No one likes the way it went down. . .”FYI Only a select few of the UGLY BETTY FAMILY have been offered to join the team on the move.vanessa-williams.jpgchristopher-gorham.jpgamerica-4.jpg

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