Next on the list of things to do… Fake a pregnancy.

Some celebs blog, some keep their business to themselves, for Heidi Montag… She goes straight for the cover.

Hills villain Heidi Montag is no stranger to the cover of the weekly mags.  Incase you’ve never noticed tho, (which i’m sure you have)  It’s never really a scandal, or something she was caught doing by a hiding paparazzi, it’s always her side of a story that she wants to get out.

Her and boyfriend Spencer Pratt are frequently under attack for setting up BAD photo sessions and creating fake stories to gain publicity, so why would next season of The Hills be any different?

Maybe Heidi reads Starzlife and got the idea from this Lindsay Lohan story… Because rumors are swirling that Montag is set to resort to the only publicity stunt left next season by faking a pregnancy.  It’s said that not only is it going to be spoken of, but shes going to be spotted out wearing loose clothing, maybe adding a little padding to her wardrobe to make it look like she has a baby bump, and doing whatever it takes to fuel the fire.

That’s sure to get a cover right?

Why doesn’t Heidi just get pregnant for real.  MTV would pay for it, and the world could use another little Pratt Brat running around.

Take a look at some of Heidi’s most memorable covers.


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