What’cha gonna do locked up for 16 hours a day.

The jailed son of Hulk Hogan is trying to whine and cry his way out of solitary confinement.Nick Hogan (Real name Nick Boella) is currently locked up in a Florida prison for a car accident that placed his best friend in a life threatening situation that he will not ever be able to recover from.

Hogan was given 8 months in prison in addition to many other penalties including no drivers license until he’s 25, and no drinking until he’s 25.

Due to the fact Hogan is currently a minor, he is not allowed to be placed in the jails general population and must be placed in a special section where he spends 16 hours a day in solitary confinement.  Since he is the only inmate in this section, he is suffering from severe anxiety and loneliness.  Hey Nick! this is prison not the holiday inn! 

Hogan is currently trying to get his lawyers to get him house arrest at least until he is 18 and can serve the rest of his sentence in the general population.

He’s likely to hear quit boo hooing and think about what you did.” 

*normally i’d take Hogan’s side in this case. I feel that the family of the victim are definitely out for blood money, and I believe  he was given a fair sentencing, but I dont think he should even be getting this much special treatment, and should just be placed in the general population already.

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