America made a huge mistake with this one!

Of all the American Idol’s, Fantasia Barrino was America’s biggest mistake.  Now, her record company is realizing this.

Season 3 was definitely the least exciting season of the show, as none of the final 12 had any star appeal, and I’ve seen more talent at a cemetery, but somehow Fantasia Barrino prevailed as the winner.  4 years and two mediocre cd’s later, her record label has parted ways with the baby mama.

Her first cd sold 240,000 in the first week and went on to be platinum, her second went on to be gold, but those numbers omit the amount of discs that were sold back to the cd exchange store, returned for a refund, or tossed and forgotten and looked at as a loss of 10 dollars.

Regardless, she fulfilled her idol deal, and as soon as they could, 19 entertainment gave her the boot.

She has spent most of her post idol career on Broadway starring in The Color Purple, and even starred in a Lifetime movie about herself.  But now she’s going to have to spend some time shopping around for a new record label.

It seems as if  record labels are trying to clean out their closet of old Idols these days, as Artista records just dropped season 6 runner up, Blake Lewis.

Maybe American Idol appeal wears off after so long?

Hopefully this seasons winner, David Cook, got on the same train as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, and smashes up the charts for the next 10 years.

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