Leaving The Hills for good…Going to Iraq?


Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are reportedly looking to leave their current living quarters in The Hills behind and head west to the Bu.

Speidi as they like to be called, have been looking at homes in Malibu (where Pratt grew up) with a realitor as they take the next step in their relationship, moving out of the apartment scene and having a house.

The two the pair have looked at so far are both insanely priced, one being around $90,000 a month in rent, and the other, for sale for just under $12 million.

I’m sure about now your asking how two nobody scumbags from a 30 minute unscripted drama about a group of kids who work at fake jobs and go out drinking every night can even afford to look at something like this,  but the answer escapes me too.  $90,000 a month could pay my rent for the next 10 years!

Season 4 of The Hills starts this Fall!

It will likely feature all that good Speidi Drama all the way from overseas, as the pair is planning a trip to Iraq, where Montag will perform for the troops (as if they weren’t miserable enough already)  Heidi’s new pal and first kid hopeful Meghan McCain is helping make our soldiers dreams come true.

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