Happy Belated Birthday!

Nick Hogan celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday, from the slammer! The young Hogan son is currently serving an 8 month term for his drag racing accident that left his best friend critically injured and beyond recovery.

Turning 18 meant Nick could be moved from his current arrangements at a Florida jail, where he is working as a janitor hoping to get early release for good behavior.

Since I refuse to break the Starzlife tradition of birthday tribute videos, I had to think long and hard how to handle the birthday of a person who will probably never earn himself a tribute. So I opted to go with his creator.

If it wasn’t for this man, there would be no Nick Hogan. But if it wasn’t for this guy, children of the 80’s would have never taken their vitamins, or said their prayers. So on Nick Hogans 18th birthday, we celebrate his father, Hulk Hogan.

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