Dylan is the Daddy!

90210 finally revealed last night that Dylan McKay was the father of Kelly Taylors baby. Now their task at hand is to sign actor Luke Perry to reprise his role for the show.

Nothing like the pressure of being written in as the father of someones child right?

People.com spoke with Jennie Garth who plays Kelly Taylor on the series and asked her a series of questions regarding the big reveal.  Of finding out they picked Dylan to be the father, Garth says;

“It was very confusing for me because initially the idea of having a son was my idea. I thought it would bring a great amount of depth to my character. Then the question came up, ‘Well, who’s the father?’ And I really hadn’t thought it through that far. So, I was like, Oh, I guess need one of those. It’s gone back and forth: Who and what and when and why? I think they settled on Dylan because Kelly and Dylan had such a passionate relationship in the past. Their relationship was so heated. It was kind of undeniable.”

And on the possibility of a Luke Perry cameo?

“Iwould love to work with Luke [Perry] again. I love him dearly. And I also would love to work with Jason [Priestley] again. It’s a great question for the producers. I would be nothing but totally happy to have either of them there.”

With Garth signing on for 6 more episodes, and Doherty not ruling out her return at a later date, it seems these original cast members are embracing the success of the show and deciding to stick around.  Now that it can be assumed the show has staying power, perhaps some of the other alums will start showing up left and right.

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