Howard Stern is a Tricky Little Devil.

Shock Jock Howard Stern did some slick undercover election coverage on his show by sending his buddy Sal out in Harlem to ask some simple questions to registered voters.

Howard  wanted to see if black people were voting for Obama because they agreed with his policies, or just because he was black.  Obviously nobody would admit to the latter so he interchanged Obama’s policies with McCain’s policies.

Sal asked three voters if they supported Obama’s views on keeping the troops in Iraq until the war was finished, being pro-life, and if they supported Obama’s choice of Sarah Palin for VP and if they thought she’d do a good job if elected.

All three were non hesitant at agreeing with Obama on the issues he doesn’t agree on, but I could see how the wording of the questions would be a bit tricky.

The third question was just too simple tho.  There is absolutely no reason for anyone to think Sarah Palin is running with Barack Obama, unless of course, you had no idea about anything going on in the election process and were just voting for alternate reasons…

I’m sure there are idiots on both sides of the bus, but this is just bad!

Click here to listen to it all go down.

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