Mr. Blackwell Passes, Crushes Phoebe Price’s Dreams.

Every week Phoebe Price flips through the pages of the magazines to find her reserved spot on the worst dressed list.

In fact, if the worst dressed list was a place, she’d be their VIP client.

But sadly, one worst dressed list she hasn’t been atop of yet is Mr. Blackwells.

Mr. Blackwell passed away this weekend bringing an end to a 48 year tradition where he releases the worst dressed for that year.

Last years winner (do they consider this winning?) was Victoria Beckham, who took the crown from a Britney Spears/ Paris Hilton tie the previous year.

Clearly Phoebe Price is the worst dressed celebrity person who walks around Hollywood for a living, but this list is reserved for those who have made an actual name for them selves.  I do have a feeling had Blackwell made it a bit longer, he would have noticed Phoebe and she would have had a shot.  She was in Get Smart you know…

Mr. Blackwell was 86 and suffered from many illnesses.

Surely they will find him a successor, to carry on the legacy of the worst dressed list.

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