The Return of Faux Biden.

Today is a slower than usual news day, being as election day is hogging up all of the media attention and for one day of the year people aren’t concerned with where Britney Spears ran on her errands this afternoon. But it’s going to be so much fun!

Saturday Night Live’s Election Bash last night was just a taped clip compilation as we all expected, but it did feature appearances by the real John McCain and Sarah Palin, who both tried their luck with a comedy routine. (Hopefully they have a little better luck tonight)

Also on hand to introduce a few classic skits was Jason Sudeikis as Joe “The Bummer” Biden, and Amy Pohler as Hilary Clinton.

Absent from the show were Tina Fey, and Barack Obama.  Talk about a couple of sticks in the mud.

Check out a few of the skits behind he jump, and head over to to view the rest.

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