Tiz the Season to be Creepy.

I’m gonna file this one under a little bit creepy, because I cant imagine getting excited over watching your friends make out, but when it comes to Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale lives for it.

Tiz recently spoke to PopTarts of her co-stars on screen romance and how it gets her juices flowin’.  She said;

“I’m a total romantic, I loved watching romantic comedies growing up like ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ and so obviously, like, I just love watching Zac and Vanessa because it is such a sweet and romantic relationship so of course you’re like, ‘aww’ whenever they kiss and everything. But just watching them on set is really awesome, it’s beautiful.”

So does she pretend she’s Zac kissing Vanessa before she goes to bed at night? or Vanessa Kissing Zac?

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