Gays Gone Wild.

More than 3,000 protesters joined up in Hollywood last night to protest the passing of Prop 8 which puts a ban on gay marriage in the state of California.

For the most part, the protest was completely peaceful as the groups of protesters marched peacefully throughout the city but as always, there’s got to be a few bad seeds.

7 people total were arrested which makes for a pretty good night when you’re talking about 3000+ people.

Check out the video below where a couple of protesters broke from the crowd, one stood on top of the police car and another had to be restrained by the use of night sticks for resisting an officer.

As far as the vote goes, 1.6 million absentee and provisional ballots are still being counted for a race that is only separated by about 500,000 votes.

Regardless of the final count, which is due by December 2, the measure is wrong and discriminating.

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