How Do You Think a Jonas Would Spend Their 21st.

Most people spend their 21st enjoying their first alcoholic beverage ever, whether they enjoy a couple with friends, or do 21 shots and end up passed out in a strange place with a strange person not remembering how you got there, but dreaming about how awesome it must have been.

But if your Kevin the awkward Jonas, you spend your 21st shining up your purity ring and reading happy birthday comments from 11 year old girls.

The oldest Jomo posted a blog yesterday thanking his fans for the best birthday ever.  It said ;


Hey everyone!

Kevin here. Still can’t believe I just turned 21 years old.

Just wanted to thank everyone for all of the comments, messages, etc. You helped make this one of the best days ever.

We were busy all day filming our new show so everyone showed up at the set and sang Happy Birthday.

Then a friend let me use his car (a Lamborghini) for the day. It was so much fun to drive it. Although it is great…I still love my Tahoe Hybrid!

Had fun all day with friends and family. But one of the best things was reading all the comments you left.

Thanks again

Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas is either one of two things, a liar, or a loser.  Hopefully he’s a liar and was out getting smashed, but if I was a betting man, I’d bet the latter.

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