Locklear Charged for Sept. DUI.

Heather Locklear has been officially charged with DUI for her September arrest in Montecito, Ca.  But heres the thing, no illegal drugs or alcohol were found in Locklears system.

Instead, it was prescribed medication that Locklear had been taking when she was supposedly “driving erratically.”

I say supposedly because the police never saw her car in motion, it was some tipster who decided that she was driving erratically and phoned 911.  When police arrived, Heather was stopped on the side of the road and out of her car already.

If Locklear is convicted at a January 26 trial date, she could face a fine, and up to six-months in county jail for the misdemeanor DUI.

Somethings fishy here if you ask me…  They cops have nothing to prove she was driving out of line, and are commenting that it is possible that the medication she took could cause impairment behind the wheel.

Keyword being; Could.

I smell a rat.

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