Seacrest Delivers Listeners a True Wacko!

Ryan Seacrest does this bit on his morning show called Ryan’s Roses where mostly girls write in questioning the loyalty of their significant other so one of Ryan’s interns offers the guy a dozen roses to send to whoever they want with no strings attached. After they choose who he chimes in and tells them the sitch.

Basically he either catches cheaters helping to avoid further heartbreak, or accuses someone of cheating who isn’t and makes for a pretty awkward dinner that night, but sometimes even he is befuddled by those who call in.

Some chick named Elaine called in this week wanting to see if Mike, her (not) boyfriend of two years was seeing someone else. She admitted they weren’t ever dating exclusively which kind of defeated the purpose of the call, but based off of the stories they told of their downtown LA bank office sexcapades, he went ahead with the call.

Needless to say, this one is so good I had to figure out a way to share it.  This chick should change her name from Elaine to Eloon because she is loony!  I almost feel bad for Mike!

Basically she gets her first 15 mins of fame on behalf of Ryan and myself, her next 15 are sure to be as a guest on the Maury Povich show.

Check it out!

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