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Finally after nearly a week of being “married” to Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt is gracing us with his thoughts and comments.

Spencer is laughing off the fact that people are calling his marriage a farce,  by releasing a statement to, you guessed it, Us Weekly, saying; “We had a beautiful ceremony here at One & Only Palmilla officiated by a minister and photographed by the hotel photographer.”

As for those claims that you can’t just get married on a whim in Mexico due to strict pre-wedding stipulations, apparently Mexico WILL marry American couples and perform elopements, and all the details can be legalized upon returning home.

Other Hollywood couples who jumped ship to get married abroad are Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and Jewel and Ty Murray.

Pratt added to his statement, “Like other elopements that happen outside the country, we’ll take care of the legal details when we get home.”

Don’t feel bad about missing or not  being invited to the big day though, because naturally, MTV was there to capture it all for an episode of The Hills.

Hills executive producer and official genius of life, Liz Gateley, recently released to MTV News that the couples wedding and honeymoon would all be featured on an upcoming episode, as crew members and “The Pratts” are still in Mexico filming.

Gateley confirms the wedding as saying camera crews were in Mexico just to capture Pratt and Montag’s vacation for the show, just as the show has chronicled trips by other cast members south of the border in the past, but the elopement came as a surprise though it will be shown on television with exclusive footage from the ceremony.

Gately also praises  the couple saying “we will continue to follow the newlyweds relationship as it plays out in real life.”

Who do you believe?? I think I’m still on the fence, but do I care if they are married either way?  Nope.  I just love the story.

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