Planning a Real Wedding.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt to end world hunger!

Heidi Montag‘s sister, Holly, said recently in an interview that her sis and new husband Spencer Pratt were going to be planning a big wedding in Hollywood for friends and family to share the celebration of their elopement on November 20 in Mexico.

Asked if she’d be excited to help plan a real wedding Montags response was “Absolutly!” She said, “It’s something I looked forward to my whole life, being the maid of honor, getting to throw the parties.”

Did anyone see the previews for next week’s episode of The Hills?  It’s the elopement episode and when they are about go go to bed and Spencer says “Good night Mrs. Pratt,” and Heidi says “good night Mr. Pratt,” it might be the single most cheesy moment in television history.

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