Whitney’s Holiday Message.

Whitney Port updated her blog with a special announcement. She’s teaming up with the Urban Villiage to help women in Rowanda make scarves for the holiday season.

She lost me at Hi Guys, but here’s what she had to say.

Hi guys! I just wanted tell all of you a little bit about recent Whitney Eve endeavor I’ve put a lot of time into.The Urban Village scarves is a project I have been working on for months. I partnered with them to develop a product that women of Rwanda would hand-make for this holiday season. This process allowed the women to not only have careers, but help in creating a sustainable economy in their villages as well. All the proceeds go to these very women so they can live a healthy life and be able to provide such things as health insurance for their families — something we all take for granted.

The scarves are now being sold online here: http://the-urban-village.amazonwebstore.com/at the Urban Village e-store.

The name is horrible. Whitney Eve is her first and middle name so it makes sense, but just doens’t sound right!    But It’s for a good cause so good for her!

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