Seacrest Sued For Ripping Off Some Turkish Crap.

The new Ryan Seacrest produced series, Mama’s Boys, premieres tonight on NBC, but a television producer from Turkey is claiming hat Seacrest ripped off his show that aired on Turkish television four-years-ago.

Luftu Murat Uckardesler filed papers in a Manhattan court on Monday citing that Ryan Seacrest ripped off the idea for his new show from Uckardesler’s show, The Perfect Bride, which premiered in 2004.

The suit is seeking to have the Seacrest produced program banned from airing on television at least for tonight, until the matter is sorted out, which is highly unlikely to happen.

Uckardesler’s attorney issued a statement saying, “It’s like me having a talent show and saying:’We’re going to pick the next American Idol.”

Uckardesler’s attorney, is officially an idiot!  It’s actually not like that at all.

You wouldn’t take on God at his home court… Why try Seacrest?

(And yes, I just compared the two…)

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