DWTS Champion Releases ‘Disco Abs’

23-year-old Cheryl Burke, who is a two time Dancing With the Stars champion, is releasing a new series of workout DVDs to help you shape up those abs.

Cheryl Burke presents: Disco Abs will be a three disc set that has to be aimed at the middle aged out of shape audience because really, who listens to disco music.

Some of the tracks included on the disc are the YMCA, and I will survive, as well as It’s Raining Men.

Perhaps she has another demographic in mind…hmm

Anyways, I wouldn’t mind shaping up my abs with Cheryl, but I think we could find a little better song to sweat it out to.

If you want to spend 40 beans to watch this girl shake it on DVD, click here.

Oh yeah, you get an Eating Guide, which my guess is will be full of healthy stuff you say you’re going to try but don’t, and a workout calendar, so you can keep track of how many days you didn’t do your ab exersizes.

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