Heather Mills Sued By Ex-Employee For Sexual Discrimination.

The shit continues to hit the fan for Heather Mills.  In the latest, a former nanny is suing Ms. Mills for sexual discrimination, among other things.

Sarah Trimbull has been a nanny to Mills’ daughter Beatrice for a few years now, but after a recent resignation, Trimbulls is taking Mills to court for the way she was treated while being an employee.

Trimbull claims that in addition to taking care of Beatrice, she was required to give Heather weekly naked spray tans,(vom) as well as having to come in early to blow dry Ms. Mills hair, or stay as late as midnight.

The nanny is willing to negotiate a settlement, but $24 million dollar heather Mills has rejected an offer to pay an out of court settlement, meaning these two will probably have to throw down in the court room.

Normally I’d say this sneaky plot to make some money is wrong, but when you’re doing it to a person who has made that their life goal, it’s fair game.

Heather is said to be destroyed over this, as she treated Sarah as one of the family, even making sure she had the best medical attention, and giving her a car as a going away present when she resigned as nanny.

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