Cook’s Brother Digs Himself Deeper.

Dane Cook’s brother who was arrested on charges of embezzling somewhere around $10-million from the comedian just keeps digging himself a deeper hole.

Darryl McCauley is being held on a 3-million dollar bail after allegedly taking the $10-million from his brother over the past year and a half.

McCauley was making $150,000 a year handling Cook’s finances but when he was fired in November he decided to give himself a going away present by writing a $3-million-dollar check.  When he was asked to hand over the books, someone noticed that something was off.

Authorities searched his residence in Maine where they found loads of extra cash laying around.  McCauley’s wife tried to cover it up by saying it was earnings from her cosmetics business, but her tax returns proved otherwise.

Can’t she get in trouble for that as well?

McCauley (through his lawyer) is also claiming in court that he is critical to Cook’s success.  He must not realize that doesn’t entitle you to take money without being authorized though…

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