Islamic Leaders Still Want to Ban Rihanna Performance.

Rihanna already promised the Islamic leaders in Malaysia that she would tone down her routine when she came to perform next month, but they are still pushing for a ban on her performance all together.

Because of Malaysia’s strict government rules for female performers, which requires them to cover up from their necks to their knees, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic party claims her performance, planned for Kuala Lumpur on February 13, would be an insult to Asian values.

The party is now urging whoever is in charge of disposing licenses to concert promoters to refrain from giving one to Rihanna’s team.

The same organization is protesting the ongoing war in the middle east by protesting the U.S., and is telling ticket buyers that by purchasing tickets to see Rihanna, they are helping the U.S. economy.

One leader even went as far as to say, “Whether Rihanna realizes it or not, we know that the taxes she has paid also contributed to the war in Gaza.”

If I were Rihanna, i’d say forget it!  She’s already agreeded to follow their dress requirements without making a fuss, now they should respect her!

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