Aubrey O’day Still Holding Onto Danity Kane Days.


Aubrey O’day posted a new blog, where she dedicated a  Danity Kane section for those of you (zero) who care.  Even though she was kicked out before the group called it quits for good, she still looks back on the days.

She says;

For those of you who care, Danity Kane was
a beautiful experience, filled with all of life’s wonderful ups and downs, and
I will forever be blessed to have had that experience with none other than
Drea, Dawn, Shan, and D. Each one of those girls is a talent to be
reckoned with… and beyond pure talent which I hands down experienced on a daily
basis from each girl, each girl really did want to be a role model and change
the world in their own little way… and that’s what made us real, what made us
the truth, what made us something to believe in, and that inner desire on all
of our parts has not changed… you may be seeing expression of emotions
succeeding expression of actual reality, but that does not change the reality
that ever girl in this group had a dream, and we fought long and hard to see it
become reality. There is no rulebook to life, and how to handle your
dreams once you get them. We are NOT a sad story of lose, betrayal, and
something to teach you what not to do next time… we are a story of courage,
determination, fearlessness, and at the end of the day, real emotion. We
made not have given the world the answer to how to make different types of
women unite as one for eternity… but we wanted to try and that’s more than most
do! ….

Aubrey also had some bad news.  She claims, this is her firs “of many” blogs.

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