Seacrest Snubbed Again by Brangelina?


It’s apparent that Angelina Jolie just doesn’t have anything to say to Ryan Seacrest.   She first snubbed him on the red carpet at this years Golden Globes, and then was reportedly “looking for him” at the SAG awards where he was not present, but it was last night’s Oscars where Jolie managed to walk right by his spot on the carpet without even turning her head in his direction.

Ryan was able to get Brad over to do a quick inteview, though he didn’t ask him anything interesting like why his wife is such a bitch, or how it felt to be on the same carpet as Angie and Jennifer Aniston.  Brad said he was exited to be there and to be nominatd in such company as Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke.

Seacrest ought to just get over it by now if he hasn’t already.

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