Vinnie Jones Gets a Court Date.


Soccer star turned actor Vinnie Jones will be facing the jury on April first, where he is facing three count of assault as well.

Jones was involved in a fight last fall at a South Dakota bar which left him with 48 stitches in his face, and after many delays, Jone’s legal team met with prosecuters this week to set a plea date, April 1st.

Jones is due up in two movies this year, so hopefully it all goes well for him!

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One Response to Vinnie Jones Gets a Court Date.

  1. March 31, 2009 at 3:31 am #

    Well from what I have been reading Jones is a thug, a violent bully who has a track record of antisocial behavior. In the US a Visa (especially a permanent resident visa or ‘green card’) is only issued if strict conditions are met.

    One of those conditions is that the applicant has not been convicted of a crime of ‘moral terpitude’ which assualt most definitely is.

    I understand that Jone’s has not yet been approved for a permanent residency, and I think he should understand how a thug like him could be in very serious trouble.

    He should have stayed out of trouble, at all costs, avoided any confrontation; why he didn’t just walk away that night or have a minder with him, I can’t say, but the US don’t play around with these things, he may well get kicked out of the US for this, not to mention his track record of agression on airline flights and the rest, he really is pushing his luck.

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