Marcia Cross Not Leaving Wisteria Ln. For Melrose Place.

Marcia Cross

Before Marcia Cross was miss perfect on Desperate Housewives, she got her start stirring up drama  on Melrose Place  (and I’ll never forget that scene where she ripped back her hair, ick!)

Now that The CW will be making a remake of the once 90210 spin-off, questions are surfacing on whether Cross will be making her return to the show that made her famous as well.

Fortunately Marcia addressed those questions this weekend at a charity event when she told E! News, “I say never say never, but it’s not the first thing on my mind.” adding that she’s “really busy.” The actress most recently had twins about a year ago!

Alot of the original Melrose cast has been giving similar answers, but that’s okay, they’ve been trying to up the star power by bringing in names like Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and reportedly Mischa Barton is also in talks to audition for a role.

Cross is smart though, sticking it out with the sure fire hit, Desperate Housewives.

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