Rusty Rockets Needs Your Help!


Russell Brand, whom shall only be referred to on this site from now on as  Rusty Rockets, needs a fave.

Rusty will be on the Jimmy Fallon show in New York tomorrow night (March 11) to promote the release of his book in the US , My Booky Wook,  and he plans to update his Twitter page while on the air.

Both Brand Rockets and Fallon are big ‘tweeters’ and Russell Rusty doesn’t want to look like a chump next to Jimmy’s 200,000 followers so he’s asking anyone and everyone to follow him before the big show tomorrow.  He’s currently standing around 78,000.

He’s actually entertaining with his tweets, unlike Ashton Kutcher who writes about Kabbalah, and Diddy who writes about god knows what,  so add @rustyrockets by clicking on the link to the user name.

Does anyone know if his ‘US’ version of the book is less vulgar or graphic than the International edition?

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