Cheryl Burke Calls Out Dancing Fans.


Dancing With the Stars two time champion Cheryl Burke is so concerned about getting votes for her partner, French actor Gilles Marini, that she’s trying to bargain up a deal with fans of the show to help secure them a win.

Cheryl fears that since Gilles is only known in America for his role as the naked shower guy on Sex and The City, that he may not get the support that the other American Stars do, so she’s recenetly made a plea to all fans that each week they advance to the next round, Gilles will lose an article of clothing for the next dance.

Cheryl and Gilles scored the highest, a 24 out of 30, on the first episode, so it appears as if their dancing ability is going to carry them far, but you’d hate to see them upset by dancer who may not be as good, but has a bigger American following.

If Cheryl get’s in on the deal I’m in.

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One Response to Cheryl Burke Calls Out Dancing Fans.

  1. March 12, 2009 at 1:22 pm #

    Charley do you mean you want Cheryl to lose an article of clothing each time they win? You dirty bird you. She will be practically naked by the third show. How many times must I tell you…she’s got it in the bag.

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