Lauren Conrad Presses Pause on Collection.


Is this the end of it all for LC?  First, she declares this will be the last season of her run on The Hills, and now, she’s temporarily throwing in the towel on her clothing line, The Lauren Conrad Collection.

LC’s people are trying to deny that the stoppage is due to low sales as well!  So what if a trendy Hollywood boutique threw out her line due to lack of sales, Team LCC is reporting that sales are double what they projected in the first year.  All online sales huh?

They are also insisting that this isn’t the end of the Lauren Conrad Collection, this is just a breif year long hiatus, so she can concentrate on the new styles and see what has been the biggest hits from the past styles.    They are also claming that the economic times are playing a big part in this decision as well.

An LC dress ranges from $100.00 to $225.00

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