Pete Wentz Hopes His Wifes a Bitch.


Pete Wentz couldn’t be happier that his wife, Ashlee Simpson is headed back to the small screen for work on Melrose Place.

Pete is going to get some more daddy duty while Ashlee is filming the show, and he told reporters at this weeks Kids Choice Awards of his wifes new role, “I think it will be awesome. I told her that I hope she gets to play the bitch.”

In other Pete Wentz news, Pete was pulled over in Los Angeles today by an LAPD officer for the tint on his windows, according to his Twitter page.

Pete Tweeted from the car while the officer was running his info; “Currently being pulled over for window tints. I guess that’s what happens when you drive the deathstar. just got let off. Iheartlapd today”

Tweeting while driving is surely to be the next law violation in LA!

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