Zac Efron Jealous of Leo DeCaprio.


Zac Efron admitted in a recent interview that he’s jealous of the success of Leonardo DeCaprio,  an actor whom he considers one of his idols.

This could be the reason for Zac’s withdrawing from the new Footlloose remake in order to persue more serious roles, so that he can take on a path similar to his idol.

Funny thing is, High School Musical was better than any DeCaprio film excluding Titanic, so Zac already has one up on him.

Efron recently said during an interview, “Leo, for me, was the first time I ever recognized fame. I was in fifth grade when he was literally on every magazine cover for Titanic and all the girls had these Tigerbeat magazines and I’d say, ‘Dude, what’s so great about this kid?’ I was jealous. I mean, you couldn’t help but hate this guy. And now, to some degree, I’ve made it and I’m going through the same thing.”

Efron’s next film jaunt, will be The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, which he will play a young man who takes a job as a cemetary caretaker at the cemetary where his younger brother has recently been buried.

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