Nice Butt Bow, Jessica Alba.


Seriously what the heck kind of tattoo is that on the tip of Jessica Alba’s ass crack?  I don’t want to call it a tramp stamp, because even those, though usually equally as nasty, dont rest atop of the crack.

It’s a bow, but it looks mean…

If it were on a present, I would picture the present to be like at an Adams Family birthday party.

Okay enough about the tattoo, how bout Jessica’s new blonde locks?


Jessica showed off her new do while taking daughter Honor Marie out for a play date.

Nice how Jessica matched her shades to Honor’s jacket.

Why is that baby so dead serious!?

[nggallery id=503]

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One Response to Nice Butt Bow, Jessica Alba.

  1. April 16, 2009 at 12:57 pm #

    The baby looks serious because she knows very well the kind of crap people like you write about her. Perhaps you should acknowledge that 10 month old babies don’t particularly enjoy having 10-15 sweaty disgusting people popping flashes in her direction. Or she just senses you assholes are close. I know I’d have a worse expression if I saw you.

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